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Tenbury Community Hospital

League of Friends

Tenbury Community Hospital

What we do


The objective of the League of Friends is to assist the welfare of patients by providing:

New Equipment

We provide the hospital with new equipment as necessary thus ensuring that the patients are treated with the latest and most sophisticated equipment possible.

Buildings & Facilities

We provide buildings, facilities and open space as well as services to patients to make their stay in Tenbury Hospital as comfortable as possible.



The main activity of the League is fund raising in order to support the work of the hospital.


Supporting Tenbury Community Hospital


the Health Care of

of Tenbury Wells

since 1948






In the past we have gifted hundreds of thousands of £s notably:



in support of the Millennium Project which opened in 2004



between 2005 and 2010 for the purchase of equipment


In more recent times, a complete refurbishment of the staff restroom and purchased a state of the art bladder scanner

as well as other equipment was financed at a cost of



During 2020

we have already financed the purchase of a bariatric bed, screening in the reception area to facility social distancing

and a physical observation machine which detects any deterioration in patients and may prevent transfer to a main hospital.